8 simple tips for sorting things

Autumn is the best time to tidy up your home. Firstly, we took out warm clothes and other things that had been quietly standing in the corner in the summer and gathering dust. Secondly, the weather has deteriorated and the family has been spending most of their time at home. And in families with children, the fight against scattered toys, books, and clothes becomes almost a minute-by-minute duty. It seems that only at the turn of the seasons do you realise how much the house has become cluttered in such a short period of time. And then the fun begins – the tug-of-war game of «throw it out and leave it in»! Let’s consider this article something like a training session before the general New Year’s frenzy and the urgent need to put things in order not only among our belongings, but also in our heads.

How do you usually decide whether to keep an item or throw it away? There are some things that you just can’t bear to throw away, «what if you need them again?». And over the years, a full wardrobe of such things has accumulated.

1Working or broken?

If you dig around a bit, you’ll probably find a few broken things that are put off every time with the words «we’ll fix it». If this item falls into your hands for the second time and remains faulty, this is a good reason to throw it away without hesitation.

2.Can I replace this item?

If you are still not sure whether to throw away or keep a broken item, ask yourself the following question: «If the item is broken, will I repair it or find a replacement?» If you choose the latter, then you can definitely throw it away.

3. Does this item seem potentially useful to you, but you doubt that you will use it?

This item includes all the bizarre and terribly uncomfortable vases, water carafes, duplicate keys, strange and uncomfortable corkscrews, glass jars, etc.

4. Were these things waiting for a «special moment»?

This is true of the many new tubes of gel, shampoo and creams in the bathroom, beautiful stationery, towels, new clothes for going out, etc. Don’t store it – use it! You’re not going to live forever! This is especially true for grandmothers and people over 45 – their «hamster» mode is sharply activated and all newly presented items begin to settle on the shelves.

5. Do things serve their primary purpose?

First of all, this applies to all the cute kitchen, stationery and bath accessories. All this is beautiful and cute, but not necessarily easy to use.

6. Can this thing be replaced with a newer model?

It’s a male «frugality» thing. Our closets contain a huge number of cables, adapters, new phones of outdated models and even a game console that was gathering dust. Why keep something that can be replaced with a newer model? If it’s a pity to just throw it away, either give it to someone you know if you’re sure they want it, or sell it at auction.

7. You did not touch this thing only because it was neatly lying and did not disturb anyone?

Yes, sometimes things are beautifully lying on shelves and do not bother anyone. But they are not used either. Let’s just say that these things use chameleon tactics and simply disguise themselves as necessary. Why keep them if you can replace them with other beautiful but really necessary things?

8. Do these things carry memories?

This category is particularly difficult to part with. Especially if the family has children and these are their «trophies». Yes, some things are still worth keeping as a souvenir, but the main thing here is not to overdo it. Some people go to the point of absurdity and keep everything, including the umbilical cord, the first tooth, a lock of hair and plasticine men made in kindergarten.

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