How to look good in photos

We all have tricks we use to make ourselves look better in photos. Someone makes a surprised face, someone tries to look more cheerful than they really are. But photographer Matt Slaby recommends that all you need to look good in photos is to relax and forget about the outcome of the shoot, but enjoy the process. Here are a few reasons why people don’t look good in photos and start to think they are not photogenic.

You don’t try to be yourself

If you’re not an actor, then to look good in photos, just act naturally. If you are an eccentric and energetic person and behave in a strange way during the shoot, it may work, but if a quiet and reserved person behaves like that, the photo will turn out unnatural. So try to be yourself in your photos. And the photographer’s task is to convey your best natural features.

You don’t like to be photographed and it shows

The fact is that many people are not photogenic, and therefore do not like to be photographed. They slouch, make a contorted face, and try to hide behind the shoulders of others. What is the way out of this situation? Stand up straight, straighten your back, think about something pleasant. Then you won’t look like you’ve just left the dentist’s office.

You take a photo «like a passport

You’ve all seen the photos that are pasted into passports: you’re standing in front of a camera, your eyes are directed straight into the lens. When you are talking to someone, it is natural to look directly at them. Do not repeat this when you are shooting. Shift your gaze up or down relative to the camera, but don’t look directly at the camera. The same goes for tilting your head. Studies have shown that men with their heads slightly tilted back and women with their heads slightly tilted forward are more attractive. Similarly, if you are standing at a right angle to the camera, turn your body slightly off the vertical axis.

You are nervous and try to leave the shooting location

The biggest obstacle for people who don’t like to be photographed is nerves. We think hard about portraits of famous people and try to look like them, but we end up looking stupid. There’s nothing you can do about your nerves, but you can stop running for the exit immediately after the shoot. Instead, calm down, get used to the sound of the shutter, and allow the photographer to take more relaxed photos after a pause.

They force you to take pictures

Often, in large companies, absolutely everyone is forced to stand in front of the lens, regardless of their personal opinions. Think about how you feel when you are forced to do something you don’t want to do. How can you get a good photo in such a state? If you find yourself in this situation, make it clear to the photographer that you respect the company, but you are not ready for a photo right now. After all, you can ask for a few minutes in front of the mirror to touch up your make-up, fix your hair, etc.

You don’t know your face

Thinking that the photos will be kept in a family album, people try to show their best side. To avoid worrying about your hairstyle or smile during the shoot, prepare in advance. Get to know your natural smile in the mirror and learn to smile like that. This practice will help you to be confident in front of the camera lens and smile naturally.

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