10 reasons to stop drinking alcohol

Today, at any celebration, wedding, birthday party, or holiday, no one will be  surprised by the presence of alcoholic beverages. Moreover, many people cannot  imagine a celebration without drinking alcohol. These intoxicating drinks have  become an integral part of life in our time and are deeply embedded in people’s  minds. From a very young age, children see their parents with a glass in their hand.  In their eyes, alcohol is seen as a privilege of adulthood, which they strive for. That’s  why at an early age, most children taste «adulthood» with their classmates. 

It is not easy to give up alcohol. Even if you don’t drink, there will be «friends» who  will accuse you of not «respecting» them and will try to force you to drink with them in  every way possible. If you can’t firmly defend your position on a sober lifestyle, it’s  best to avoid such companies. Below are 10 reasons to give up alcohol, which can  become an incentive to lead a healthy lifestyle for you personally, as well as an  argument for your position of sobriety in noisy companies. 

1. Giving up alcohol will help you save money. 

Alcohol costs a lot of money. Therefore, the family budget suffers significantly  due to the systematic consumption of alcoholic beverages. At first, it all starts  with watching football matches with a glass of beer, then a birthday, anniversary,  public or religious holiday, etc. Try to calculate the money you spend on alcohol  during the month and think again if you should spend this money on more  important and useful things next month… 

2. Athletes advertise but do not drink alcohol. 

TV stars, celebrities, and even athletes actively promote alcohol on television.  You might think that the beer or vodka of this brand is so delicious that it is  favored by such respected people in society. But it’s all about the money that  stars earn from their popularity. They are paid to use their authority to convince  naive viewers that this beer is for champions and this vodka is for winners. But  note that not a single athlete even took a single sip of beer in the commercial! 

3. Alcohol is harmful, and its consumption can have harmful consequences.

Over the past decade, alcohol production has increased hundreds of times. At  the same time, mortality among the population has increased tenfold. The nation  is being drunk. Ukrainians are degrading and dying. Instead, the producers 

alcoholic beverages do their best to convince people that alcohol is harmless.  However, the following facts show the impact of alcohol on human life: 50% of  accidents, a third of suicides, and 80% of deaths from oral and digestive cancers  are caused by alcohol abuse. According to the World Health Organization, every  third person on earth dies due to alcohol-related causes. 

4. Alcohol does not make you happy or relax. 

People who like to drink often say that it helps them to have fun, relax, and «go  all out.» Laughing entertainment plays an important role in a person’s life: it  provides rest for the brain, helps to distract from everyday worries, and  strengthens the nervous system. But mirth and laughter have such a positive  effect on the body when they occur in a healthy person. Excessive merriment in  a drunk person has nothing to do with natural merriment. Drunken «merriment» is  the first stage of anesthesia – the stage of excitement observed by surgeons  when putting patients into a state of anesthesia with the help of drugs such as  ether, chloroform, morphine. This state of excitement has nothing to do with rest.  The nervous system does not rest, and after excitement comes depression,  headache, discomfort, and lack of desire to work. 

5. Alcohol displaces spirituality. 

How many young men and women have replaced Sunday liturgy with a morning  hangover and sleep after a wild night out in nightclubs? Christian values under  the influence of alcohol are replaced by rudeness and rudeness. Instead of  sacramental, unselfish and pure love, American cinema promotes drunken  sexual orgies with random partners. Honor, conscience, and patriotism are  replaced by indifference and a desire to solve problems through alcohol. 

6. No alcoholic ever wanted to become one. 

At every stage of life, you think you are in control of the situation, that you are  not drinking large doses yet, you make excuses for the fact that others drink  much more, it seems that you are still so far from that tipping point. And it all  starts with a glass of vodka with friends on Fridays, and often ends in an AA  club. And while jokes about alcoholics can be funny, in real life everything is  much sadder. First, a person loses control over drinking, then over himself, and  then loses his life.

7. Drinking alcohol is a sign of weakness. 

We often have a hard time adapting to life in the world around us, we don’t find a  place for ourselves in it, we think we are not needed by anyone. In addition,  under the influence of our complexes, fears, and feelings of inferiority, we  experience internal discomfort, which we try to get rid of with the help of alcohol.  Internal problems and experiences do not allow us to have fun and relax without  drinking alcohol. Be strong, look at your life soberly! 

8. Take care of your credibility. 

Drunken companies behave like idiots. Their humor is primitive and vulgar. After  all, what witty things can you come up with when you’re drunk? It is scientifically  proven that alcohol kills nerve cells in the brain. People who drink frequently  lose their credibility in their families, friends, and at work. How can you entrust  an important matter to a person who may be late because of last night’s  drinking, or come to work with a swollen head from a hangover? 

9. Alcohol is a legal drug. 

The only difference between alcohol and other drugs is its legality. The state  does not mind massive sales of alcoholic beverages, as it brings millions of  dollars in excise taxes to the budget. For those in power, alcohol is a source of  large profits, while for ordinary people it is a source of problems, illness, conflict,  and poverty. Most alcoholics are among the poorest segments of the population.  These people bring their last money to the millionaires who own alcoholic  beverage factories. 

10. Alcohol is the enemy of a happy family. 

Sober living of parents is one of the conditions for the birth of healthy children.  Unlike men, who are constantly producing new sperm, women have a stock of  oocytes, which form eggs, in childhood, so alcohol damage to cells can cause  the birth of defective children even after they stop drinking. Studies show that  most children with mental retardation had parents who abused alcohol. 

According to statistics, men drink more often in Ukrainian society. This further  entrenches matriarchy in our families, as a drunken man’s inability to take  responsibility for the family means that a woman has to take on the male role.  As a result, a man ceases to be a man, and a woman cannot feel happy in a role  that is not her own.

Therefore, alcohol is often the cause of divorce. This is the reason named by  31% of divorced women and 23% of divorced men.

Everyone has the right to choose whether to drink or to live a healthy lifestyle.  Unfortunately, many people no longer have this choice and, as a result of alcohol  addiction, no longer drink of their own free will. Therefore, I encourage everyone to  make the right choice today so that tomorrow alcohol does not make the choice for  you. 

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