How to see the Likes that another person gives on Facebook? – Social media tricks

Facebook has become the ultimate platform for connecting with friends and sharing our thoughts, experiences, and feelings. While we enjoy scrolling through our own feed, have you ever wondered how to sneak a peek at the likes someone else gives on Facebook? In this article, we will dive into some social media tricks and techniques to help you see the likes of another person on Facebook.

Why Would You Want to See Someone Else’s Likes on Facebook?

You may wonder why anyone would be interested in viewing another person’s likes on Facebook. Well, it can actually be quite insightful and provide a better understanding of someone’s interests, preferences, and personality. It can also be helpful in discovering new content, such as books, movies, music, or events that align with your interests.

1. Follow the Predefined Route

Facebook offers a way to view the likes of your friends, but this method primarily focuses on their public likes. By visiting someone’s profile and selecting the «Likes» section, you can see a list of their publicly liked pages. However, this may not reveal all of their likes since many people choose to keep their activities private. In that case, you’ll need to explore some alternative methods.

2. Get Friendly with the ‘Activity Log’ Feature

Facebook’s ‘Activity Log’ feature is a goldmine for exploring someone’s likes. Here’s how you can utilize it to your advantage:

a. Access Your Friend’s Activity Log

If you are friends with the person whose likes you wish to see, you can easily access their activity log. Go to their profile, click on the three-dotted icon below their cover photo, and select «Activity Log» from the drop-down menu.

b. Filter the Activity Log

Once you’re on their activity log page, Facebook will display their recent activity in chronological order. On the left-hand side, you’ll see a range of filters. Click on «Likes» to narrow down your search and see only their liked posts, pages, and events.

c. Scroll and Explore

Now, you can start scrolling through their liked posts, pages, and events. Bear in mind that you may find both public and private likes. This method provides a more comprehensive view of their Facebook likes.

3. Facebook Third-party Applications and Tools

If the previous methods do not yield satisfactory results, you can turn to third-party tools and applications specifically designed to showcase someone’s Facebook likes. However, some caution must be exercised while using these tools as they often require access to your Facebook account, and may compromise the privacy and security of your personal information. Be sure to thoroughly research and verify the legitimacy of the tool before using it.

4. Respect Privacy Boundaries

While it can be tempting to explore someone’s likes on Facebook, it is important to respect their privacy. Remember that not all likes are meant to be public knowledge, and individuals may have various reasons for keeping their activities private. Always keep in mind that crossing someone’s privacy boundaries can strain relationships and potentially lead to negative consequences.


Knowing how to see the likes that another person gives on Facebook can provide valuable insights into their interests and preferences. While Facebook’s own features like the «Likes» section and «Activity Log» can be helpful, they may not reveal all the information you seek. If you are determined to explore someone’s likes further, consider using trusted third-party tools. Nevertheless, always prioritize respecting others’ privacy boundaries. Social media is a powerful tool, and using it responsibly fosters healthy relationships and interactions.

Remember, curiosity is natural, but it should never come at the expense of someone else’s privacy. Use these methods with care and consideration, and enjoy connecting with others on Facebook responsibly!

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